The 22 Major Arcana cards were lovingly drawn by my mother using my instructions as to what was to be shown on each card. They reflect my personal ideas as to what each card means - they are not "definitive" Tarot cards, although you are perfectly welcome to copy them onto card and make use of them to tell fortunes etc. Not everybody has such an opportunity of having personalised tarot cards drawn, and I only had these done to show other people that the meaning of each card is personal to each person who reads those cards. Normally we rely on words to personalise the cards; I was just lucky to be able to also have pictures drawn to show my personal feelings.

To copy them, place the cursor anywhere in the page showing the cards and press the right-hand button of the mouse. Up comes a little menu; now place the cursor on the "Copy image" line and press "Enter". You have now copied the page to the Clipboard. Next, make the web page small and open any suitable drawing programme such as Paint (one of the programmes you get with Windows) and press Ctrl+V to paste the page into the programme page. You now simply print the whole page onto card - most printers will accept card up to a maximum weight of 180 g/sq.m. If you want it on thicker card, copy the page on ordinary paper and stick it to thicker card using photo-mounting spray - not very ecological, but I can't think of any other glue which will not coggle the paper.

Cut the card carefully using the guide lines. To personalise the cards, why not colour them in.
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